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Construction Equipment

Wether you are a sole trader looking to finance your first excavator or a limited company buying millions of pounds worth of machines, we can help.

What kind of finance can you offer?

We can offer you hire purchase or credit sale agreements with or without balloon payments. Various leasing options are available.

Why use a broker?

In most cases, we have found that we can facilitate the purchase of both new and used equipment at a lower cost than using the manufacturer/dealer's own finance and this is not an uncommon occurrence.

Why is it cheaper?

In fact, because we are a low overhead company that specialises in finance alone, in most cases we are able to offer cheaper deals to customers on both new and used equipment.

Isn't it just going to complicate things and make the whole buying process more drawn out and long inconvenient?

Short answer? "No". - The process will be almost identical to using the dealer/manufacturers finance and we look after you every step of the way and liaise with the dealer right the way through the process in order to ensure that everything moves forward as per the pre-defined time frame.

In fact, there are ways in which we can actually SPEED UP this process. If you were to allow us to get a line of credit in place for you, we can update it as necessary with the finance provider so that it is up to date with your personal/company circumstances and that line of credit will sit there until you need it. If you need to buy a machine, you aren't going to be bound by manufacturer or who you have a line of credit in place with as you can spend this line of credit on machines from a dealer and manufacturer of your choosing at a moments notice.

Knowing that you are not going to be delayed or help up in a transaction on a new machine gives you the edge when negotiating. Knowing that you have a line of credit in place allows you to shop for the very best deal to save you or your company money and time.

For more information, or to arrange opening up a line of credit for your business, please contact us for more information.

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